Learning Resources Avalanche Fruit Stand Review

There’s no better way for young children to learn than through play – and teaching about healthy eating habits is no different. If you can make learning fun, there’s no limit to how much your children will want to continue learning.

So were excited to receive the Avalanche Fruit Stand game from Learning Resources – it looked like so much fun!

It’s easy to play, and recommended for children 3 and up. All you have to do is spin the wheel and use the jumbo tweezers to pick a piece of fruit, which is that color, off of the stand without causing an avalanche. The first person to collect one of each fruit wins!

Kaylee loves using jumbo tweezers (she had some already from a bug hunt we went on), so I knew this would be the perfect game for her. She’s almost 3, so we’re working on developing fine motor skills, like the pincer grasp, which prepares children for handwriting. It’s also good for practicing patience skills.

For younger children, the game reinforces fruit and color vocabulary words. It would even be good for teachers, occupational therapists and specialists.

The game is fun too. It’s like a younger kids version of Jenga, a game I loved as a child, so it’s even fun for me to play with the girls.

If you have younger children who still put things in their mouth, you’ll want to be sure to supervise when this game is played as the fruit pieces are just the right size for choking. I’m so glad we’re past that phase!

Overall, we’re very happy with the Avalanche Fruit Stand game, and would recommend it as a great Christmas gift for children 3+.



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  1. Becky Worthman says

    This game is so colourful and thanks for the review. It is true we can teach our kids even through fun games!

  2. marthalynn says

    This looks like such a great game! I’m looking for items to help my son develop his fine motor skills and this is perfect. I want to set him up for good handwriting skills. Thanks for telling me about this!

  3. nicole lewis says

    My daughter would love this game. I will be adding it to her christmas gifts. Thanks for the awesome info as usual!

  4. Georgette says

    Colorful is good with kids- keeps their attention! I think that’s a great way for them to pick up skills at a young age. Again, I hadn’t realized that they make such a great gift, and an educational one at that.

  5. Jennifer Johansen says

    My four year old would LOVE this. It’d be really hard to keep my 20 month old away from it, too, at that!

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