Real Salt, Redmond Clay and Earthpaste Review

by Chrystal Johnson on October 29, 2012

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Real Salt

I have been hearing and reading about Real Salt for years, but never had the chance to try it. It was next on my list to buy after we went through the 50 pounds of bulk sea salt we bought last year. But Redmond Trading Company kindly sent me a package of their awesome products to try out, including a variety of products from their Real Salt line.

If you haven’t heard of Real Salt before, it is an all-natural sea salt taken from an ancient sea bed in Central Utah. It’s completely unrefined and full of more than 60 trace minerals. This lends to its great flavor, unique color (it’s not white) and health benefits. You can watch a video about Real Salt to learn more.

Real Salt is available not only as regular salt (both fine and coarse), but also garlic salt, onion salt and seasoning salt. I am completely in love with the garlic salt. I have always loved garlic salt, but never as much as this one! I highly recommend adding it to your spice collection.

Redmond Clay

I have heard so much about the benefits of bentonite clay (what Redmond Clay is made from). We have been using the Redmond Clay First Aid Hydrated Clay for a few months now and really like it, so I was excited to give some of the Redmond Clay other products a try too. If you haven’t tried their First Aid Clay, you should. It’s good for burns, cuts, abraisions, insect bites, bruises, rashes, bee stings, blisters, poison oak, poison ivy and dry, itchy skin.

I also tried their Facial Mud and that was fun! I love facemasks. I normally don’t have oily skin, but during my cleanse, my skin freaked out a bit so I was happy to have this on hand. It helped get my skin (naturally) cleared up.

They also have powdered clay that you can hydrate yourself for so many purposes as well as the clay in capsules to take to aid in digestion. I completely forgot that I had the capsules in the cabinet. If I eat a food I’m sensitive to (butter, especially) I get horrible indigestion. Next time I’ll be sure to use my Redmond Clay capsules.

I am totally sold on Redmond Clay and will have it in our first aid cabinet moving forward. Watch a short video about Redmond Clay to learn more.


I have been rotating through a lot of natural toothpastes to find one I really like. I was excited to try Earthpaste because the ingredients are very clean: Purified Water, Redmond Clay, Xylitol, Essential Oil (Cinnamon, Wintergreen or Peppermint), Real Salt, Tea Tree Essential Oil, Menthol (Only in the Wintergreen & Peppermint varieties).

It has taken a while for me to get used to the taste of brushing my teeth with a clay-based toothpaste. It’s different from other toothpastes we’ve used, but it does clean my teeth and leave them feeling fresh, but not overly minty.

The kids will even use it, so that’s great! We’re working on trying to remineralize Kaylee’s front teeth, and one of the reviewers said Earthpaste helped remineralize her son’s teeth, so I want to start having her use it regularly to see if it has the same results for us.

Overall, we have been very happy with all of the Redmond Trading products we’ve tried!



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