Celebrate Family Fun with Wonder Forge Games

by Chrystal Johnson on November 24, 2012

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During the holidays when I was a kid, I would spend hours upon hours playing games with my family. It was something I looked forward to each year, and we all stayed up way past our bedtimes having fun together as a family. I love how games can bring families together.

Zoë and Kaylee are just getting old enough to where we can play more games together, and I’m loving it. I was recently introduced to Wonder Forge, a game company that brings to life beloved literary classics and award-winning TV shows in a totally new way through dynamic, inventive game play.

Wonder Forge began in 2007 when a small group of creative people with a passion for children’s entertainment came together to develop extraordinarily fun, original play experiences for kids and families. Today, Wonder Forge produces 50 games that are appropriate for all ages, many of which are also award winning.

I spent way too long on their website trying to decide which games our family would enjoy. I had a hard time narrowing it down, and ended up with 5 must-haves.

Enchanted Cupcake Party Game

The girls have a set of play cupcakes that have gotten a lot of use, so I knew they’d love this game. The Enchanted Cupcake Party Game takes working together to create as many cupcakes as possible before the start of the party. There are recipes cards that guide you in choosing the liner, frosting and topper. It’s a great game for helping children learn to follow directions and it’s great fun! It’s designed for ages 3+ and retails for $16.99.

Discovery Garden Game

We try to teach our girls where their food comes from (not the grocery store), so I was very excited about this game. In this game, you choose a card that tells you which bug or tool you’ll be searching for in the garden. Then you spin the spinner to learn which part of the garden you’ll be looking for a match in. The girls love hunting for things (and I’m trying to teach patience skills), so this game is awesome! It’s designed for ages 3+ and retails for $16.99.

Dr. Seuss Super Stretchy Game

What kid doesn’t love Dr. Seuss and the opportunity to get active? I know my girls do! I love how this game combines learning about letters and their sounds with a Twister-like game. Fun! This game will be great for when we have snow on the ground and we can’t get outside to play as much. It’ll keep the girls active and learning through the winter. It’s designed for ages 3+ and retails for $16.99.

Busytown Eye Found It Game

This game also features a look and find element that both of my girls love. What I also appreciate about this game is that it relies on teamwork rather than competition. The game board is large, so it can keep the attention of the little ones because there’s so much to look at. It’s a great game that we’ll get many hours of fun from. It’s designed for ages 3+ and retails for $19.99.

Mythbusters, The Game

What man doesn’t love Mythbusters? I think those guys have the dream job of many guys. So when I saw this game, I had to get it for hubby. He loves that show and he loves trivia – so it’s the perfect combination! Even better, there’s a catapult involved, and if you get the trivia question right, you get to catapult Buster towards a target. Hours of fun for boys young and old. It’s designed for ages 10+ and retails for $24.99.

Buy It

Wonder Forge Games would make an excellent Christmas gift for children of any age. I love the games we chose, and would love to add more to our collection in the future.. They are available from many retailers, including Amazon.com.

Shop now.


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Chrystal, publisher of Happy Mothering, is a mother of two sweet girls who believes in living a simple, natural lifestyle. A former marketing manager, Chrystal spends her time researching green and eco-friendly alternatives to improve her family's life. She enjoys sharing those discoveries with anyone who's willing to listen.

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1 Carrie M November 30, 2012 at 8:45 pm

My 2 year old LOVES Busytown and would love to try a board game. This looks so perfect for her!


2 Ambyr
Twitter: ambyrinthesky
December 3, 2012 at 4:14 pm

Adorable! I wouldn’t mind trying the Mythbusters game myself ;)
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3 Sarah December 4, 2012 at 6:02 pm

those games sound fun!


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