Nine Nutrition Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix {Giveaway}

Nine_Raspberry_Box_3DWhen I was pregnant with my daughter, I was so completely sick that it was a real effort to keep anything of nutritional value down. For some reason, the only foods that *didn’t* make me physically ill were sugary starches (like french fries. I admit it to my shame, I basically lived on them for the first trimester).

And vitamins – oh, boy, if there were any guaranteed way to make me befriend some porcelain, it was taking a vitamin. Until I got away from morning sickness, it seemed pretty pointless to take them. Was I really absorbing anything when they were only in my body for a few minutes? Or was it just an expensive waste of money that make me weaker and sicker?

That said, I’m not currently experiencing morning sickness, but I am nursing, which means I still need to provide nutrition for myself and my baby – a need that was much simpler to meet when I reviewed Nine Nutrition’s Prenatal Vitamin Drink from Anna Naturals!

Pregnant and nursing mothers need lots of extra fluids, so having a drinkable vitamin is a pretty ingenious idea to begin with. Add in the fact that the vitamins and minerals are absorbed better by the body in liquid form, and the drink mix packets are convenient to stuff in a purse (in case you forget to take your vitamin first thing in the morning – thanks, mommy brain!), and it’s an excellent alternative to popping a pill.

The best part (at least from my perspective) is that the Nine Nutrition Prenatal Vitamin Drink didn’t taste “healthy.” I somewhat expected to feel as though I were choking down a ground-up vitamin with a little sweetener and flavoring – but really, it tasted like something I’d get out of a punch bowl at a wedding (minus the sherbet).

The only time I caught even the faintest whiff of anything “vitamin-y” was when I opened the drink mix packet. Just a whiff in the air of vitamin-smell – but as soon at I added water and mixed it all up, it was gone, and it tasted really good.

Nine Nutrition Prenatal Vitamin DrinkThe raspberry flavor was delicious, but I found it a bit too strong and sweet at the recommended serving size – so I watered it down (about double the amount of water suggested), and it was perfect. Plus, hey! Double the water intake! It’s pretty easy to meet my daily fluid intake goals when I get to sip on a sweet, flavorful drink.

I never felt even the slightest hint of “vitamin-sick” after drinking it, either. Granted, as I stated earlier, I don’t have morning sickness at the moment – but even at my best most vitamins make me feel a little queasy. I never experienced any discomfort after drinking this, though – maybe because it absorbs more easily, or maybe because drinking your vitamins slowly is gentler than just throwing them all at your troubled tummy at once. I’m not sure – I just know that I enjoyed drinking it, and didn’t live to regret it!

Nine Nutrition Prenatal Drink Mix is currently available only in raspberry, although a citrus flavor is soon joining the line.

This would make a very thoughtful baby shower gift for an expecting friend, or a nursing mama – or just any mother who might find it easier to take her vitamins and get her water if the two were combined into a delicious beverage!

Win It!

One Happy Mothering reader will win a 30-day supply of Nine Nutrition Prenatal Vitamin Drink Mix from Anna Naturals. Enter via the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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  1. says

    I would love to try the prenatal drink mix, I’ve tried several prescription vitamins and several OTC. Every one has caused me stomach discomfort, this actually looks delicious! The teas on their website look great too, the lotions, soaps, actually….everything looks fantastic!

  2. Rachel says

    I would love your prenatal drink mix! I have hypermesis gravadium and can barely keep food done not to mention vitamins, this would be so helpful!

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