Tips for Healthy Cooking at Home

Two of the greatest obstacles to healthy eating at home are boredom and time. However, it only takes a little commitment, imagination and organisation to change your eating programme for the better.

Know Your Enemy

The first step is to educate yourself on healthy eating. Most of us know the basic rules: less fat, less sugar, more fruit and vegetables. It’s actually a little more complicated than that but nothing an amateur can’t handle. If you have friends who are healthy eating enthusiasts ask their advice, then follow up with your own research. The internet is full of hints and tips and cautionary tales, so try and stick to reputable sites and use your common sense to find a plan that works for you. As an example, forget a protein heavy/carbs light regime if you hate meat and dairy. Base your eating plan around what works for you. There is a wealth of healthy eating information out there and all you need is the willpower to follow it.

Get Organised

Shopping while you are hungry is fatal to healthy eating resolutions as it’s just too easy to pick up that bag of crisps or bar of chocolate to satisfy the immediate need, so plan your shopping trips carefully and don’t go on any empty stomach! Think about a meal plan in advance, studying recipe books and noting the ingredients you will need. Don’t forget snacks as well as meals   remove the temptation trap from your home by filling your cupboards with fruit, nuts and seeds instead of crisps, chocolate and ice-cream.

Get the Kit

In the same way, unhealthy food can seem far easier and quicker to prepare than more virtuous alternatives   how much easier is it to open a packet than to chop, slice and stir! Nonetheless healthy eating doesn’t have to be time consuming and complicated. Apart from the basic kit of knives, chopping boards and saucepans, there is a massive labour saving kitchen gadget market. Food processors, mixers, blenders and similar tools can chop, grate, slice and in fact take most of the heavy lifting out of the process of cooking for you and as a bonus they can be great fun to play with. In fact these days you can even get out of peeling a potato if you have the right equipment and once you have tasted your own freshly squeezed juice you’ll never want to go back to plastic containers again.

Maintain Interest

Make sure you have a plentiful supply of herbs, spices and exciting condiments to keep meals interesting. Some time spent browsing recipes will be rewarding   you could use this as a taste experiment by introducing yourself to new flavours and ingredients as well as challenging your cooking abilities. Using a wide variety of ingredients will help to stave off boredom. If you feel your healthy eating regime is curtailing your social life, rather than going out to restaurants where you cannot control the ingredients used in cooking, invite people over to your house and show off your food skills. Not only can you ensure you stick to a healthy meal, this is cheaper and more relaxing than eating out and you don’t have the hassle of making your way home afterwards.


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    The best option is to search the net for healthy cooking tips. As many people considered home cooked healthy which is not right. because if you cook at home it is important to cook in a healthy way in order to get maximum benefits.

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