Merino Kids Go Go Bag Sleep Sack

Merino Kids Go Go BagWinters in Ohio can be pretty brutal. We’ve had ice storms, six-foot snow drifts and days on end of below-freezing weather. Last year, because of an ongoing problem with our gas line, my hubby and I not only had to worry about keeping the kids warm when we took them outside of the house – we had to worry about keeping them warm inside the house. We made liberal use of insulated jammies and blankies, but little feet tend to kick their covers off. More than once, I woke up to find my poor little ones had cold hands, noses and toes.

So, when I got the opportunity to review this Merino Kids Go Go Bag in Wild Poppy, I was thrilled. I chose the “winter weight” sleep sack because it would not only be impossible for my little guy to kick it off – it would keep him warm even if some other problem happened and the heat died on us again.

The sleep sack I ordered is meant to fit ages 0-24 months – so it would work for my baby for sure, but I wasn’t sure if it would still fit my toddler. To my surprise, it fit with room to spare. Granted, she’s kind of petite, but still, she’s over 30 months – so it should fit even very large toddlers well into their second year.

Merino Kids Go Go Bag

I noticed as well that the fit in the chest was meant to be adjustable. The arm holes have snaps on either side to make the arm holes smaller. Only one side would stay closed on my ten month old son (neither side would stay closed on my toddler), so it I’m guessing that, with both sides snapped down on a small infant, the fit would still be comfortable and snug.

Merino Kids Go Go Bag

One thing I was really excited to see was that this could be used in a car seat. There’s not much bulk around the chest, so the straps would still provide a safe fit, and the slits on both sides would allow the car seat to buckle between the legs. This was wonderful news – I could bundle up my babes and keep them warm in between the house and the car on even the worst days!

Merino Kids Go Go BagThe design is excellent, and the construction is very high quality. The one concern that I had initially was with the zipper; it zips from the side down to the bottom, so I was worried that the zipper would come undone from the top, and be easily broken. It seems to be pretty strong, though – my son was crawling all over the house in his sleep sack for three nights running, his little legs dragging and tugging on the zipper, and it never showed any signs of weakening.

Merino Kids Go Go BagThe price point, for a sleep sack, seemed pretty steep – but having thoroughly examined the quality of the construction and materials, it seems to be worth it. The wool is soft and strong, and the colors are fast. Properly taken care of, this sleep sack would still be going strong through multiple children, and maybe even as a family heirloom. It’s beautiful and beautifully made, with classic styling and thoughtful, practical details. I’ll be getting a lot of mileage out of this sleep sack!


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