Our LeapFrog Mommy Party was a Huge Success!

I have been meaning to write about the LeapFrog Mommy Party I was fortunate enough to be able to host last month. However, with my grandmother’s passing, I have been a little distracted to say the least.

So, I finally got a moment today to sit down to write about my experiences with the new LeapFrog products. We received a huge package of products from LeapFrog for our party, including:

One LeapPad learning tablet pre-loaded with fun games and apps, like the Cars 2 Ultra eBook, and an App Center download card to try out more games and apps

One Tag Reading System that came with a World Map and the Learn to Read book set

We were supposed to also get a LeapSchool game cartridge, but it never showed up (I still need to follow up on that one!)

When the box arrived, it was really hard not to just open everything up and let the girls play with it (for me as much for them!), but I wanted to make sure to wait for our party.

We got a small group of kids together, with ages ranging from 20 months to 8 years, so we had a good sampling of all age ranges to test out the LeapFrog products. I wasn’t sure how a group of kids with such diverse ages would do playing with the same toys, but it went amazingly well!

There really was something for everyone. It didn’t matter the age, each of the kids latched onto something they really enjoyed.

Kaylee (20 months at the time) loves playing with the Art Studio app on the LeapPad. She’s a little younger than the recommended age, so I have been surprised how fast she has learned to use the LeapPad. She’ll sit and draw for a really long time. She also likes to watch the learning videos on the LeapPad.

My niece, who is 8, took a huge liking to the World Map game that came with the Tag Reading System. She played that game for so long that she wore the batteries out on the Tag pen! I love when I see kids take such a strong interest in learning, and LeapFrog did that for her.

Since the party, Zoë has been playing with the LeapPad every day. It is her absolute favorite toy (and she has a lot of toys). We have connected the LeapPad to my computer to download more apps. It is really easy, and it’s fun to let her choose new games, because I know all of them are educational!

The very first thing she chose to download was a Dinosaur ebook. It made me really happy to see her choose a book over a game. Of course, we also downloaded a game and a video after that ☺

The Art Studio is probably the favorite app in our household now though. Both Zoë and Kaylee love playing with it. The biggest problem we have is fighting over who gets to play with it. I think we’re going to have to invest in a second LeapPad so they can both have their own.

When I asked Zoë what she wanted for Christmas, she says more games for my LeapPad! One of the things I really appreciate about the LeapPad is that while Zoë is 3 ½ now, she will be able to use it for years to come since there are so many apps to choose from.

If you are looking for a good holiday gift idea for your child, I highly recommend the LeapPad!


I received free LeapFrog products and coupons in order to host a Learn, Create and Share Party. LeapFrog did not influence my opinions expressed here as a result.  

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