Attention Stop Stealing My Content!

As a blogger, I take my content very seriously. My writing and my images are my product – and I don’t take people stealing from me lightly. Stealing is WRONG, and stealing my content is no different than stealing from a store.

So when I woke up yesterday and discovered not 1, but 2 of my posts had been stolen and used by, I was not a happy blogger.

Check out the posts that were stolen.

Original Post on Happy Mothering:

Stolen Post on

Original Post on Happy Mothering:

Stolen Post on

Upon further examination, it appears that NONE of the content on is original – all of it is lifted from other blogs. What’s disturbing is that this blog has 28,000 Facebook Fans and 70,000 community members. Thieves should not be rewarded for stealing the hard work of others!

I tried contacting them through the contact form on their website – it doesn’t work. I tried commenting on the stolen posts to demand they be taken down – no response. I then tried messaging them through their Facebook page – I was ignored.

If you’re a green living blogger, I highly suggest you go check out this blog to see if they have stolen any of your content. Let’s make an example of this site to ensure they stop stealing from other bloggers!

Today, I will be sending DMCA letters to their hosting provider, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and anyone else I can think of. I will also tag their Facebook page continuously until they respond. If my posts are not taken down, I will take legal action.

Stealing content from another blogger is NEVER okay. Shame on you!


Sending a DMCA to her host worked. The posts have been pulled down! Thank you to everyone for your support! I hope more bloggers report for stealing their content so her host drops her!

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      The host did, indeed, take them down. Now I’m campaigning for other bloggers she has stolen from to take action as well. Hopefully her hosting provider will realize that her site is spam and remove her from their service.

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