DIY Ice Crystal Candle Holder

Ice-CandleIt’s that time of year again! Time for holiday crafting for the Christmas season. This DIY Ice Crystal Candle Holder is an awesome craft and decoration that is fun to create! You can even get the kids involved.

This candle holder looks great sitting on the porch, on the mantle or even on the table as part of a centerpiece! These candle holders would also make a unique Christmas gift as well.

It’s a very simple process to make this DIY Ice Crystal Candle Holder, so let’s get started!



  1. First pour out your epsom salt onto a piece of paper or a clean work surface.
  2. Carefully spray the entire jar with your adhesive. It’s best to do this outside to avoid fumes.
  3. Roll the jar in the epsom salt. If there are a few spots where the salt hasn’t adhered, just can pick up some salt and press it into the bare spots.
  4. Insert a candle or a fake tealight and you have a festive candle holder!

*If you would like a more colorful candle holder, you can first spray the jar with the adhesive, coat it in glitter, spray the adhesive again and then cover it in the salt! This technique gives off a shimmering, sparkly glow!

Let me know if you give this DIY Ice Crystal Candle Holder craft a try!

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