The Best Smelling Soap on the Planet {Brosily Bath and Body Soap Review + Giveaway}

Brosily Bath and Body Soap, Vanilla SpiceI’m happy to be doing another review here on Happy Mothering, especially this one.

I LOVE soap. I’m pretty passionate about it, actually. I especially love a beautiful, natural soap that smells amazing. The bar soaps from Brosily Bath and Body of Connecticut fit the bill. Navine was kind enough to send me three of her gorgeous, handcrafted soaps to review. She sent me two of her spirit lifting Moody Bars, one in Vanilla Spice and one in Citrus Delight. She also sent me a spicy patchouli scent. All three scents were appealing, and neutral enough for the whole family to enjoy. (I don’t know about yours, but my husband hates smelling like lavender.)

Unfortunately, bar soap lasts about 2 days in my house, because my kids like to make boats out of it. So I did a little magic. I turned bar soap into body wash.

Grating Brosily Bath and Body soap

Using a fine grater, I grated the Vanilla Spice Moody Bar into a glass bowl. My daughter decided to help! I started a pot of water boiling while we were grating. Luckily, the fine texture of the soap made it super easy to grate. Plus Brosily Bath only uses food grade ingredients, so I felt safe letting my kids help. Once the soap was grated, I turned off my boiling water and poured it into the glass bowl, over the grated soap. I added a teaspoon of Vitamin E Oil, and stirred until the soap was completely dissolved. At this point the mixture looks a lot like gelatin before it sets. I poured it into my old body wash pump bottles and let it cool.

It was ready to use by the next morning. I’d never done this before, so there was a bit of a learning curve. Because the soaps are 100% vegan and natural with no added foaming agents, they don’t lather up a whole lot. For this reason, my kids like to use a washcloth that has been “bubbled up”, but I just rub my hands together. The lack of bubbles is completely made up for by the smell. The Vanilla Spice is simply the best smelling soap on the planet. The first day or two of use, your body wash will be really thin and watery, but as it sets, it will thicken to a more manageable consistency. It really stretches the life of the soap and makes it easy for everyone to use. I also have the Citrus Delight all grated and ready to make hand soap for my kitchen!

Grated Brosily Bath and Body soap, Citrus Delight

If you love to pamper yourself with luxurious, artisan quality products, do visit Navine over at Brosily Bath and Body online store. Her prices are great, and the soaps make beautiful gifts. Check out her creative new Beer Soaps  for your favorite brewmaster.

Win It!

One Happy Mothering reader will win 3 bars of natural soap from Brosily Bath and Body ($26 value)! You can enter via the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck!

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  1. Angela Cash says

    I love discovering new vegan products. I would like to try the Gentle Touch Hemp Milk Soap. It sounds perfect for my sensitive skin.

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