TapouT XT Program

TapouT XT is a highly competitive new extreme training program developed by mixed martial arts conditioning coach Mike Karpenko. This program is geared to help you lose weight while building lean muscle mass in the process. These workout DVDs do not require any fitness equipment, such as weights or pull-up bars. Instead, it allows you to primarily utilize your own body weight to increase your strength and endurance, making it ideal for all who enjoy working out from home to avoid expensive gym memberships.

The high intensity of mixed martial arts training combined with cardio, core, and strength exercises can help you burn close to 1200 calories with every workout. Exercises featured in this high-energy workout program include strength and power moves that will help sculpt your upper body, legs, and back, plyometric lower body workouts that boost performance and burn fat, Ripped Conditioning, and Cross Core Combat moves that enhance the definition of your core area. For those interested in shredding fat from the core, the Competition Core workout will tone and reveal the upper, middle, and lower abdominals and eliminate pesky love handles. Ultimate Abs XT is a 15 minute fast workout that targets your midsection. The Buns and Guns XT workout will help you achieve a toned rear and develop strong, powerful arms. Other rigorous fat burning routines are the Sprawl & Brawl, Muay Thai, which features a mixed martial arts routine from Thailand, and Cardio XT, which will leave you feeling drenched with sweat.

Similarly to other effective home workout programs on the market, the 90-day long TapouT XT program makes use of intense interval training coupled with extreme training routines that challenge the body and mind but provide astonishing end results in return. What makes this program different, however, is the incorporation of powerful mixed martial arts moves that include explosive kicks and strikes to improve your strength and power. Working out at maximum capacity also helps rev up your metabolism and burn large amounts of fat calories while building lean muscle mass in the process.

A great benefit of this program is that it can be completed within the comfort of your own home. Other than the TapouT XT training band and the XT Extreme resistance band that accompany the program no additional equipment is needed to effectively perform the exercises. The nutrition plan and 10-day slim down plan that come with the program set the standard for the healthy meals that should be prepared while performing the workouts. Incorporating clean eating and keeping track of daily caloric intake will help accelerate and enhance weight loss and lean muscle development. For best results, follow the provided workout schedule as precisely as possible, and track your progress daily.


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