Cleanse Naturally with the Blessed Herbs Internal Cleansing Kit {Review}

by Chrystal Johnson on December 19, 2012

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I finished the Blessed Herbs Internal Cleanse a while ago, but I’m just now getting around to posting my experience with it! If you haven’t read it already, read my review of the Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse now since that’s the first step in the Blessed Herbs cleanse program.

Since the Colon Cleanse was so effective for me, I was really looking forward to going through the Blessed Herbs Internal Cleanse.

As with the Colon Cleanse, Brian also did the Internal Cleanse with me. I found it immensely helpful that we were able to go through this together. Since it’s such a long program, I think it’s important for your partner to also go through it with you. The support is very helpful.

The Internal Cleanse has 4 phases (24 days total):

  • Pre-cleanse (3 days)
  • Parasite cleanse (7 days)
  • Kidney, gall bladder and lung cleanse (7 days)
  • Blood, skin and lymph cleanse (7 days)

The pre-cleanse had the same process as in the Colon Cleanse. You basically go 3 days through a program to find the ideal number of Digestive Stimulator capsules to take through the program.

The next stage, cleansing for parasites, was the most challenging week of this cleanse for me. I felt sick a lot of the time, and on day 4 (the day where you’re taking the highest level of herbs), I actually vomited.

I read that is completely normal if your body is eliminating parasites, so I was at least happy to know that the unwanted guests were being expelled from my body even if I didn’t feel great.

I felt pretty good through the second week where we cleansed our kidney, gall bladder and lungs. I didn’t have any adverse effects from the herbs during this week.

During the cleanse of our blood, skin and lymphs I definitely knew the herbs were reaching the areas they were supposed to. My skin felt itchy at times. Again, it’s always good to know the formulas are taking the correct action in my body.

The program was very easy to follow along with, so I highly recommend it to someone who is looking for everything they need for a good natural cleanse.

The liquid herbs don’t taste good (at least they didn’t to me), so just prepare yourself for that. We would chase ours with some organic apple juice.
However, I would do this cleanse again in a heartbeat. The amount of time the Master Herbalist at Blessed Herbs spent putting this program together shows. It’s the most comprehensive natural cleanse program I have come across – and it’s effective too!

I lost a couple more pounds in addition to what I lost during the colon cleanse and since doing both cleanses, my digestion has been better.

I’d heard that sometimes after a cleanse you can re-introduce foods that you were previously sensitive too. Unfortunately that didn’t happen in my case, but I am very happy with the results I did experience.

If you’ve been thinking about doing a cleanse, the only company I recommend right now is Blessed Herbs! I’d love to be able to do it once a year!


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