Natural Remedies for Eczema

by Chrystal Johnson on December 20, 2012

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Welcome to the December 2012 Natural Living Blog Carnival: Natural Remedies.

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Natural Living Blog Carnival hosted by Happy Mothering and The Pistachio Project through the Green Moms Network. This month our members have written posts about how they use natural remedies in their homes.


I have been dealing with eczema since I was 11 year old. I have a more unusual form called dyshyriotic eczema, which only affects my hands (and when I was younger, my feet too). For the majority of that time, I was on steroid creams. Of course, this was before I knew better and started avoiding pharmaceutical interventions.

Winter is the worst time for eczema. I try to prevent it, but there are times when I do have to treat it because prevention isn’t enough. Now, I treat my eczema solely with natural remedies. The remedies I use now are just as effective, if not more effective, than the toxic steroid cream I was on for about 20 years.

Here are my top 5 recommendations for preventing and treating eczema naturally:

Eliminate Dairy and Gluten from Your Diet.

Something I did not know in my younger years is that food can be a trigger for eczema. Two of the biggest triggers are dairy and gluten. Just Google “Eczema Dairy” or “Eczema Gluten” and you’ll find tons of accounts of people who treated their eczema naturally by eliminating trigger foods.

Avoid Ingredients like Fragrance & Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

I didn’t start using natural skincare products until I got pregnant with Zoë just over 5 years ago. I simply didn’t know better! After switching to natural skincare products, I noticed that whenever I used a product with artificial fragrance or sodium lauryl sulfate in it, I would have an outbreak. This especially happens to me when I use soap in public bathrooms. I try to remember to carry my own, or carry a natural hand sanitizer.

Moisturize Your Hands (or Affected Areas) Frequently.

I find that it’s very important to keep my hands moisturized to prevent eczema outbreaks, especially during the dry winter months. I keep lotion and hand cream stashed around the house and always have some with me in my purse.

Wear Hazelwood Jewelry

I was recently introduced to the concept that wearing hazelwood jewelry can help prevent eczema outbreaks by balancing the acidity in your body. I have been wearing a hazelwood necklace and bracelet for about a month, and I’m seeing good results so far.

Treat Outbreaks with a Good Salve.

Sometimes, even if I follow the 3 tips above, I still get a small outbreak. If I do, it’s very important that I treat it right away so it doesn’t spread and become painful. I have tried a lot of different salves, but my favorite is the suki Butter Cream Healing Salve. I swear it’s like magic for me. After applying for 3 days, I’m usually healed. It has calendula, chamomile an lavender, which are soothing, and arnica, which is great for healing. You can also try coconut oil, but I have found the suki salve works best for my eczema.

Over the past couple years, I have found that this is the best program for managing my eczema naturally.

Do you have any other natural remedies that have worked for treating your eczema?


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