Buy Your Christmas Tree Locally

by Chrystal Johnson on December 16, 2011

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Yesterday I posted a picture of our tree, and I realized that I forgot to talk about the actual tree, and why we choose to have a real Christmas tree in our house.

I feel like it has become a real debate this year about having a Christmas tree – whether it’s fake (and made with toxic plastic that emits lead dust) or real (that was chopped down and wasted).

So, here’s my position on the topic.

We live in the middle of a national forest and go to a local tree farm to cut down our tree each year. Our forest is actually overgrown and they are trying to thin it out to minimize fire hazards (I think it has been like 115 years since it has burned and we’re overdue), so I don’t feel bad cutting down one tree since they are already chopping them down and doing pile burns.

Our home is also heated by a woodburning stove, so we could use ours for that as well if we let it dry out after Christmas.

I do not, however, like the big tree lots where the trees were shipped across the country. That seems wasteful on so many levels.

If we didn’t live in a location where we could have a real Christmas tree in an eco-friendly way, we’d probably pot one and try to re-use it every year instead of cutting a new one down each year.

And actually, my husband put rooting solution in the tree’s water this year to see if he can get this one to sprout roots so we can keep it :-)

Please share your thoughts.

Do you have a real Christmas tree in your house? A potted one? An artifcial one? Or no tree at all? I’d love to hear why!

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