Consolidate Your Loyalty Cards with the LOC Card

Every store has a loyalty card these days. And everything is priced such that you need one not to overpay. But, it’s such a pain to carry around a card for every store I may visit. And I’ve had some cards for so long that I don’t even remember the phone number associated with them.

I was recently introduced to the LOC Card, which will consolidate all of your store loyalty cards down into one card. What a great idea!

With the LOC card, you’ll be able to automatically enroll in the loyalty program of any participating merchant with a single scan key fob or swipe of your card. This means you won’t have to provide your personal information to that store to enroll in the program – I hate having to do that!

If you already belong to a store’s loyalty program, you can link your existing loyalty account with your LOC Card so you won’t have to re-enroll or lose any rewards you’ve already earned.

The LOC Card website and smart phone app will allow your to manage all of your loyalty accounts and rewards in one central place so you’re not logging into a bunch of different websites. Less websites to worry about and less cards to carry around – sounds great to me!

And guess what – the LOC Card is free! There is no cost to enroll. Very soon, you’ll be able to get your very own LOC Card from participating merchants, which the company expects to announce soon.

Be sure to like the LOC Card Facebook page so you’ll be first to know when you can get your very own LOC Card. You can also connect with them on Twitter and YouTube.

LOC Card “Show Us Your Cards” Facebook Contest

Help celebrate the launch of the LOC Card with the “Show us Your Cards” (your loyalty cards that is) Facebook Contest! Simply visit the LOC Card Facebook page and upload a photo of your pile or key ring of loyalty cards and be entered to win one of three $50 Visa gift cards! Enter Here.


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