Mastitis and Moving

The last few weeks have been draining. We found out a few weeks ago that our landlord had not been paying his mortgage (even though we pay our rent on time every month), and he had a few weeks to sell the house on short sale or he’d be foreclosed on.

So, even though we’d only been living there since July, we had to scramble to find a new house before Christmas. Luckily, we quickly found a place we liked—we were packed and moved in less than 2 weeks.

Of course, the day before the big move I woke up with Mastitis (last Friday morning)! I have had many plugged ducts in my time, but they are NOTHING compared to mastitis. It feels like the worst flu you can imagine coupled with someone stabbing you over and over again in the breast. At least that’s how it felt for me.

I was determined to go the natural route to clear up the Mastitis as I hate taking medication when it isn’t necessary. I did take Ibuprofen because my fever was over 103° and I couldn’t function, but I was hoping to avoid antibiotics.

I tried hot and cold compresses, hot showers, massaging, lots of nursing, cabbage leaves, drinking a ton of water and pretty much everything else that was recommended to me. About 36 hours in, I broke down and went on antibiotics. I was really hoping not to go that route, but it just kept getting worse and worse, and hearing that I could get an abscess if I didn’t take care of it was enough to make me decide it was the right decision.

So, I’ve been taking probiotics and eating fermented foods to try and avoid getting thrush like I did from the IV antibiotics I was given while I was in labor with Kaylee (for Group B Strep). So far, we’re doing good on that front.

I’m feeling much better—I’m starting to get my energy back although I’m not quite 100% yet. Kaylee seems to be tolerating the antibiotics just fine as well, which I’m happy with.

I have noticed a decrease in my milk supply though. I’m not sure whether that’s from the antibiotics, or if I’m just dehydrated even though I’ve been drinking plenty of water. Hopefully it’ll go back to normal when I’m done with this round of antibiotics and I’m back to 100%.

For now, it’s back to unpacking and getting all of the girls’ Christmas presents wrapped!

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    Hi Chrystal,

    You could consider getting some Lecithin capsules (soya bean extract). This will clear the ducts of any fat deposits which may restrict the pathway of milk and lead to blockages. Dr Jack Newman suggests 1200mg 4 times a day ( and this has helped many of my clients combats mastitis symptoms in conjunction with cold compresses (from freezer) hot compresses (wheat bag) ibuprofen. You can take it as a prophylactic – 1 capsule a day to prevent re-occurrence but be sure to keep up water intake – check colour of urine to ensure that you are drinking enough. Touch base if there is anything I can help with – mastitis is awful.

    Kind regards,


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