Words From the Mouth of a Co-Sleeping Child

We have been co-sleeping since Zoë was just an infant. Brian, Zoë, Kaylee and I all still sleep in the same bed (if only they made a bed bigger than a California King!), and I can’t imagine it any other way.

I love knowing that our girls are laying next to us, safe and warm. When they’re ready to sleep in their own beds, they will.

Neither girl knows anything other than co-sleeping. So the other day when we were looking through one of Kaylee’s favorite books of the moment (it was Zoë’s favorite book when she was this age as well) – Big Board Books Colors, ABC, Numbers – we saw a picture of a baby in a crib.

No crib sleepers in our house - Zoë doesn't understand why this baby is in time out.

What was the first comment out of Zoë’s mouth? “Mommy, why is that baby in time out?”

I had to bust out laughing. Neither one of them ever spent much time in a crib, other than nap time when they were infants, so I guess it’s a natural response!

More than anything it made me smile and feel happy that we have chosen to co-sleep and use that to build a stronger family bond.

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