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Protect Your Daughter’s Knees with Zupers Leggings

by Chrystal Johnson November 2, 2013

Zoë is a huge fan of leggings. She wears them almost every day – with t-shirts, dresses and, now that it’s getting cold, long-sleeved shirts (and soon sweaters). Unfortunately, she, like most kids, plays a lot and has ripped holes into the knees of more than one pair of pants. So, when I read about […]

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Fall is Here – Time for Boots!

by Chrystal Johnson October 8, 2013

The weather is cooling down fast and early this year. We got our firewood this week, and we’re prepared for the very real potential of an early winter. There’s enough talk of it from long-time locals that we believe it could happen. I love nothing more than a cozy pair of boots, nice jeans and […]

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PinkBlush Maternity Review + Giveaway – My New Favorite Shirt

by Kylie Worthington September 13, 2013

Maybe the old wives’ tale about carrying boys low and girls high is true – at least, it has been for me! What I’m learning as I carry my very first baby girl this time around is that carrying high is uncomfortable. It’s really hard for me to breathe most of the time and many […]

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Are GMOs Hiding in Your Clothes?

by Chrystal Johnson August 22, 2013

I have had an internal debate going on for a while between synthetic and natural fibers. I love my microfiber cleaning cloths because they get the job done – even with just water. However, after a few years, it’s hard to get them clean and they aren’t biodegradable (a fact I wasn’t aware of when […]

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How to Stay Grounded to the Earth (Even When You’re Wearing Shoes)

by Chrystal Johnson August 20, 2013

I have recently started to read more about Earthing. About how many of the chronic health problems in our country are exacerbated by the fact that our bodies are no longer connected to the Earth. We sleep in insulated houses and put on shoes with thick rubber soles to walk to our cars. We drive […]

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Coobie Bra: The Most Comfortable Bra Ever

by Chrystal Johnson August 13, 2013

Lately, my underwire bras have been really bothering me. I guess perhaps it’s because of how my body has changed since having kids. However, most of the non-underwire bras I have tried in the past left something to be desired in the shaping department. I heard about the Coobie Bra several months ago, but only […]

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Choose Earth-Friendly Shoes for Back to School

by Chrystal Johnson August 8, 2013

I like to make eco-friendly purchasing decisions whenever possible. However, one area where we hadn’t taken that step before was with our shoes. Since both of the girls had just grown and needed new shoes, I was excited to team up with to review a pair of shoes for each of them. offers […]

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Back to School Clothes Shopping with Kickee Pants

by Chrystal Johnson August 7, 2013

Have you heard of Kickee Pants yet? I stumbled upon their site when looking for clothes that Zoë would like for back to school. It just so happens back to school shopping coincided with her going through another growth spurt and needing all new clothes. I love that Kickee Pants is a family-owned company and […]

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Jockey Double Lined Soft Cup Bra Review

by Chrystal Johnson August 5, 2013

A few weeks ago, I shared with you that Jockey had come up with a completely new way of sizing bras. Since I have so much trouble finding a bra that fits me right, I was super excited about giving it a try. In case you don’t want to go back and read about how […]

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RUUM American Kids Wear Review

by Chrystal Johnson June 23, 2013

Zoë is very particular about the clothes she wears. She doesn’t like seams and she prefers soft, cozy fabrics. So when RUUM offered to send us one of their t-shirts, I was hoping she would like it. I was hopeful since this brand was recently included in gift bags for new Hollywood moms. The t-shirt […]

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