Earth Week Sample Meal Plan

by Chrystal Johnson April 19, 2013

Earth Day is just a few days away! I’ve shared some Ways to Celebrate Earth Day for Kids and Activities to Teach Your Kids About Sustainable Living. But have you thought about a meal plan for Earth Week? We waste so much food in our culture and meal planning is one way to help you reduce […]

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Organic Valley: A Farmer Owned Company I Trust {Plus a Giveaway}

by Chrystal Johnson April 10, 2013

At Expo West, I had the extreme pleasure of being introduced to Organic Valley, a farmer owned company. Their philosophy of being closely connected to the farmers where the food comes from really resonated with me. And I love their definition of Organic: Organic is a philosophy and system of production that mirrors the natural […]

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Surprise – Green Giant Introduces Veggie Chips!

by Chrystal Johnson March 13, 2013

—– My girls are huge snackers. Some days I feel like they’re eating all day long! They tend to prefer a lot of small snacks to large meals, and that’s fine with me. We’re always looking to try the latest snacks to find new favorites. It’s nice to have some snacks that we can just […]

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Eating Well During the Holidays

by Kelley Johnsen December 12, 2012

During the Holidays we tend to make a lot of festive foods and celebration items.  It’s a wonderful time of year to celebrate one another and look forward to what 2013 has to offer.  While celebrating let me try to give you a few tips that will keep down the weight, keep kids healthy and […]

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Tips for Healthy Cooking at Home

by Chrystal Johnson November 29, 2012

Two of the greatest obstacles to healthy eating at home are boredom and time. However, it only takes a little commitment, imagination and organisation to change your eating programme for the better. Know Your Enemy The first step is to educate yourself on healthy eating. Most of us know the basic rules: less fat, less […]

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What Are GMOs?

by Kelley Johnsen November 20, 2012

Thank you to Kelley Johnsen for her contribution to Happy Mothering this month! GMOs are an important topic that everyone should inform themselves about. I was sad to see Prop 37 fail in California, but the movement to label GMOs is spreading across the country. If you’re new to the subject of GMOs, Kelley’s post […]

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Zulka Morena Sugar Review

by Chrystal Johnson November 17, 2012

Have you been looking for a more natural sugar to substitute for overly processed and refined white sugar? Then you should try Zulka Morena sugar. Zulka Morena is unrefined, all natural and pressed straight from the sugar cane plant. Once the freshly squeezed sugar cane juice is extracted from the rest of the plant, it […]

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Kombucha Kamp Kickstarter Mushroom Kit

by Chrystal Johnson October 31, 2012

If you enjoyed my tutorials on Brewing Your Own Kombucha and Bottling Your Homemade Kombucha, you’re going to love learning about the next You Are What You Eat Giveaway Hop prize! Kombucha Kamp is providing a Kickstarter Kombucha Mushroom Kit! This kit provides everything you could possibly need to get started brewing Kombucha! Since we […]

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Green Pasture BLUE ICE Royal Butter Oil / Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend

by Chrystal Johnson October 30, 2012

After reading Cure Tooth Decay, we have been working towards making further changes to our family’s diet to help reverse our daughters’ tooth decay. One of the changes recommended in that book was to supplement with Green Pasture Fermented Cod Liver Oil (FLCO) and High Vitamin Butter Oil. I had heard of Green Pasture before, […]

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Real Salt, Redmond Clay and Earthpaste Review

by Chrystal Johnson October 29, 2012

Real Salt I have been hearing and reading about Real Salt for years, but never had the chance to try it. It was next on my list to buy after we went through the 50 pounds of bulk sea salt we bought last year. But Redmond Trading Company kindly sent me a package of their […]

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