The Greater Good: Vaccine Documentary

by Chrystal Johnson November 5, 2012

Vaccines. They’re a hot topic these days. It seems either people are super passionate about their side and will happily debate with anyone that opposes their views, or they shy away from the debate completely. I fall somewhere in between. While I’m extremely passionate about the topic, I have been shying away from talking about […]

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The Debate Over Vaccines

by Chrystal Johnson March 27, 2012

While most parents take their children in to the doctor to get a vaccine and think nothing of it, there is another army of mothers demanding that more be known about vaccines since they have seen their own children harmed by them. I think that it is important that every mother across the country know […]

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Kaylee and the Chicken Pox

by Chrystal Johnson October 18, 2010

If you follow me on facebook or Twitter, you probably know that Kaylee came down with the chicken pox last Friday (10 days ago). It was a bit of a surprise because we weren’t aware she had been exposed. But, in a way, we were happy that she contracted chicken pox now, so we can […]

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