5 Ways to Keep Your Child from Saying “I’m Bored” This Summer

by Chrystal Johnson July 3, 2014

Bored kids and summer vacation seem to go hand in hand no matter how hard we prepare. Kids can have a boatload of toys and still find a way to be bored when mid-summer rolls around. How do we, as parents, prevent this boredom? Here are five ways to keep your child from saying those […]

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Celebrating a Summer Full of Firsts

by Chrystal Johnson June 30, 2014

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation. I received one 4 oz. spray bottle of Puracyn® OTC Wound & Skin Care and a branded first aid kit. All opinions, text and experiences are my own. Can you believe it’s already summer? I still have a hard time believing it. I always look forward to the summer, […]

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3 Ways To Keep Kids Safe From Falls

by Chrystal Johnson June 28, 2014

Sponsored Article As any parent knows, a growing child will toddle, tip and tumble as they get their bearing on the world around them. There is no way around this, and unless a parent plans to literally hold their child’s hand their whole life, kids will fall down from time to time – it’s simply […]

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Summer Reading Tips for Parents of Kindergartners

by Chrystal Johnson June 26, 2014

Is your kindergartner ready to move on to first grader? The summer between kindergarten and first grade is a vital one for your little one. Some students may barely be reading and other kindergartners will take off like a car at a race track. Check out these summer reading tips for parents of kindergartners. With […]

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Potty Training 3 Days – Best Approach Recommended For Results

by Chrystal Johnson June 26, 2014

Sponsored Article Have you been looking at potty training methods but are unsure which one is best? Don’t worry, you are not alone. Would you like to have your child undergo a 3 day proven system? Sound too good to be true? You may believe so but I’d like to ask you this, if something is […]

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My Beautiful Girl Graduated Kindergarten!

by Chrystal Johnson June 25, 2014

This time last year, we were debating whether we should homeschool, or send Zoë to the small, private school in town for Kindergarten. After a lot of thought and soul searching, we decided to send her to Kindergarten at the private school, which is what she wanted. She really loved it, and being a part of […]

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Treat Your Family to Healthy Snacks on the Go This Summer

by Chrystal Johnson June 21, 2014

This post was created in partnership with Nature’s Bakery. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Summertime in our house means lots of grazing throughout the day rather than eating a lot of big meals. I like to have snacks handy that are easy for everyone grab. While fruit is probably our number one snacking […]

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Give Your Child a Head Start

by Chrystal Johnson June 10, 2014

Sponsored Article Did you know that during the first five years of a child’s life its brain is growing and developing quicker than at any other time. With some common core help, young children and babies have an amazing capacity to learn and assimilate new information at a truly phenomenal rate. However, by the time […]

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Music Facilitates Learning and Inspires Family Fun

by Chrystal Johnson May 31, 2014

This post was written by me as a member of the Netflix Stream Team, for which I receive a complimentary Netflix subscription. Music is a huge part of our household. The girls have been exposed to music their entire life. Even when they were growing in my belly, Brian would play the guitar and sing […]

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Unique Boarding Schools For Children

by Chrystal Johnson May 29, 2014

Sponsored Article In the modern age, raising a child can be difficult. Parents have to deal with a lot of factors that are beyond their control. It might be hard to keep children out of harm’s way outside of a home setting. Some kids may have a tough time with attending school due to a […]

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