Moms Relax with LaRocca Vineyards True Organic Wine

by Chrystal Johnson May 25, 2012

It has been a long week. Brian has been out of town touring with High Tide, so I’ve had the girls all on my own – all day every day. Trying to pay them the attention they deserve, get some work done, get the house to a point where it doesn’t look like a tornado […]

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I’m Back From Natural Products Expo West!

by Chrystal Johnson March 12, 2012

I spent Friday and Saturday at Natural Products Expo West, and it was amazing! There were so many natural and organic brands that I had not heard of yet, and I met so many like-minded people. It was a great experience! Next year, I absolutely want to spend the entire 4 days at Expo West. […]

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I Am a Mama Cloth Convert!

by Chrystal Johnson September 21, 2011

Seriously, I never would have imagined myself saying this (or even trying it for that matter), but I am a mama cloth convert. Last month at BlogHer, I was lucky enough to attend the #HauteGreen party with some other fabulous green and eco-conscious bloggers. They had an awesome bag of swag that included a ton […]

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CalNaturale Organic Wine Review

by Chrystal Johnson August 24, 2011

Right before BlogHer, I was introduced to CalNaturale wine, which is made from certified organic grapes grown right here in California. I had not tried an organic wine previously (even though I’m an avid wine drinker – it’s pretty much the only alcoholic beverage I drink anymore). I was really excited to give CalNaturale a […]

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Will You Need a Shoe Rescue at BlogHer 2011?

by Chrystal Johnson July 15, 2011

I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for the last 4 years. What that has meant to me is 4 years in lounge clothes and flips. My cute tops, dresses and heels have gone by the wayside. Before I got pregnant, I wore an 8.5 shoe. Now I wear a 10. I loved all my shoes, […]

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Happy Mothering Swag Bag Registration

by Chrystal Johnson July 6, 2011

UPDATE: Registration has been closed. If you filled out the form, you will receive information about where the bags will be handed out in advance of BlogHer. Are you attending BlogHer 2011? Would you like an opportunity to receive a Happy Mothering Swag Bag? If so, fill out the form below and you will be […]

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BlogHer Update

by Chrystal Johnson April 26, 2011

I posted back in January that I was planning to attend BlogHer this year, and that I was going to accept sponsors to help support that dream. Since then, I have purchased my BlogHer conference ticket—so I’m definitely going! It will be so much fun to spend that weekend with my fellow blogging women! And […]

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Seeking BlogHer ’11 Sponsorships: Be Seen by the Best in San Diego!

by Chrystal Johnson January 24, 2011

One of my personal goals is to attend a blogging conference this year. And it seems fate is in my corner because BlogHer ‘11 is going to be held this August in San Diego—my hometown! I heard BlogHer was amazing last year, and I’m determined to make it to San Diego for the conference this […]

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