Happy Birthday Grandma – You Are Deeply Missed

by Chrystal Johnson July 24, 2012

Today, my grandma would have been 86-years old. But we lost her exactly 9 months ago to lung cancer. After 2 rounds of chemo, her body just couldn’t take anymore. She closed her eyes and passed on with a smile on her face. From the moment I was born, we shared a special connection. I […]

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Day Zero – 101 in 1001 Update

by Chrystal Johnson June 22, 2012

Wow – I just realized I haven’t done an update on this list since October! I knew that I had finished a few tasks on the list. Unfortunately I haven’t done nearly as many as I thought I had! I’m not even halfway through my list yet, so I guess it’s time to get crackin’! […]

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I Learned To Shoot a Gun at a Totally Green Training Center in Los Angeles!

by Chrystal Johnson June 17, 2012

I have always had a huge fear of guns. Just being around one would make me nervous and uncomfortable. I guess that’s pretty normal when you’re around something that can do so much damage, when you don’t know how to properly handle it. Brian has been wanting me to take a class for years, but […]

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{Not So} Wordless Wednesday: What Pollen Looks Like in a National Forest

by Chrystal Johnson June 13, 2012

I’ve talked before about how we live in the middle of a National Forest. Every year around this time, pollen is in the air – and it’s literally everywhere. It has just started to get heavy, and it’ll last for a few more weeks. I have never seen pollen like this anywhere else we’ve lived. […]

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Dreaming of Sonoma Wine Tasting

by Chrystal Johnson June 12, 2012

When is the last vacation you took as a couple (yes, without the kids), even if it was just for a weekend (or even just one night)? It has been a really long time for us! Brian and I got away for one night about a year and a half ago to go to the […]

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Learn How Wines are Going Green

by Chrystal Johnson April 17, 2012

As I delve deeper and deeper into living a green lifestyle, I naturally evaluate new areas of my life. One of the things I’m looking at now is wine. It’s pretty much the only alcoholic beverage I indulge in, so I want to try and be sure I’m supporting green companies. This infographic about Green […]

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Making Green New Year’s Resolutions

by Chrystal Johnson January 1, 2012

Happy New Year! I am expecting a wonderful year ahead for me and my family, and I’m wishing the same for you! Are you making New Year’s Resolutions this year? I typically don’t advocate making big, bold resolutions because those types of resolutions are hard to stick to since they are usually made because you’re […]

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Buy Your Christmas Tree Locally

by Chrystal Johnson December 16, 2011

Yesterday I posted a picture of our tree, and I realized that I forgot to talk about the actual tree, and why we choose to have a real Christmas tree in our house. I feel like it has become a real debate this year about having a Christmas tree – whether it’s fake (and made […]

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Indulging in 5 of My Favorite Holiday Comforts

by Chrystal Johnson December 12, 2011

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Green Christmas Giveaway: weeDECOR Eco-Friendly Christmas Wall Decals

by Chrystal Johnson November 10, 2011

Welcome to the first annual Green Christmas Gift Giving Guide giveaway hop hosted by Home Grown Families and Just My Everyday Life. Lots of great blogs are participating, so after you’re done reading my post and entering my giveaway, please visit the other participating blogs listed at the bottom of this post. —– I love […]

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