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21 Free Gardening Seed Catalogs

If you’re planning your next garden, you’re probably thinking about buying seeds. I put together a list of 21 seed companies that will send you a free catalog to help with your gardening plans. 

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It’s time to start planning your garden! Part of planning is deciding what you’re going to grow, and what brand of seeds you’ll buy if you haven’t been saving seeds.

Be sure to choose heirloom or organic seeds if you plan to save seeds this year since seeds from hybrid plants will be sterile or give you unexpected results. If you’re still trying to figure out what to grow this year, many seed companies will send you a free catalog.

Take a look through this list, and order from those companies that align with your values.

21 companies that will send you a free seed catalog

1. High Mowing Seeds

High Mowing Seeds offers the first line of Non-GMO Project Verified Seeds, and all of their seeds are USDA certified organic. You can request a copy of their 2015 catalog be mailed to you, or download a PDF from their website. They even offer free shipping.

2. Johnny’s Selected Seeds

At Johnny’s Selected Seeds, you’ll find a selection of heirloom and organic seeds. They also offer a seed calculator, grower’s library and other tools to help you plan your garden.

3. Peaceful Valley

At Peaceful Valley, you’ll find only seeds that are organic or sustainably grown that have not been treated with fungicides. They only carry non-GMO seeds, and carry as many heirloom and open pollinated seeds as possible. You will earn 2 FREE seed packs on orders over $50 and 5 free seed packs for orders over $100. Conditions apply.

4. Seeds of Change

Another great place to order seeds from is Seeds of Change. They grow 100% of their seeds organically on their own certified organic research facilities and through their network of certified organic family farms. They also have a learning center to help you plan your garden.

5. Rare Seeds

Rare Seeds offers more than 1700 rare, non-GMO seeds – the largest selection of rare seeds in the USA. They are out of 2015 catalogs, but you can get added to the list for 2016 catalogs.

6. Burpee

Burpee is one of the oldest companies in the business. Request your free colorful catalog that includes over 100 new products, gardening tips and great deals. Don’t forget to sign up for the money saving email list while you are there too.

7. Annie’s Annuals

Annie’s Annuals carries some of the rarest annuals around. Request a free catalog and discover a plant you haven’t tried before. You can also watch free instructional videos on the website as well!

8. Territorial Seed Company

Territorial Seed Company ships live plants right to your door. Request their colorful catalog so you can enjoy all of the varieties they have to offer and enjoy a 100% money back promise on your purchase.

9. Gardens Alive

Gardens Alive is an excellent source for seeds, fresh plants, fertilizer and other gardening supplies. Request a free catalog, which also comes with a coupon good for $25 off your $50 order.

10. Fedco Seeds

Fedco provides cold-hardy varieties of seeds, bulbs, trees and tubers shipped in season, and gardening supplies year-round. They also offer organic growers supplies. You can call or write to them to get on their mailing list.

11. RH Shumway

RH Shumway is also one of the older names in the gardening business. Request a free catalog and, when you order, they will treat you to two free packs of seeds. They also offer a free online garden planner.

12. Burgess Seed Co.

Request your free catalog from Burgess Seed Co. and, when you order, you get a variety of free gifts! Depending on how much you spend you can get free huckleberry, cherry tomatoes, ranunculus or wildflowers!

13. Park Seed

Check out a free Park Seed catalog and find a variety of flower and produce seeds sure to excite you. You will also be treated to a $10 off coupon when you sign up! Sign up for their newsletter while you are there to get a free shipping coupon.

14. Prairie Nursery

Prairie Nursery is perfect for the person looking for grasses, wildflowers and native plants. Head to their site to learn more about these products and request a free catalog.

15. White Flower Farm

Check out White Flower Farm for seeds, bulbs, live plants, flower arrangements and more. Sign up for their free newsletter while there and get free gardening tips and advice. Also, don’t forget to request a free catalog.

16. Pine Tree Garden

Head over to Pine Tree Garden to request a free catalog, shop organic products and even find plant-based cosmetics. This is a unique gardening company that offers plant based items for all areas of life.

17. Strictly Medicinal Seeds

A small seed company, Strictly Medicinal Seeds, offers seeds and starters for a variety of medicinal plants like comfrey, black cohosh, ginger, sage and goldenseal. They also have a rare seeds selection.

18. Wild Garden Seed

Head over to Wild Garden Seed to request a free catalog. They’re an organic seed farm in the Pacific Northwest that is known for its farm-original varieties of many salad greens, vegetables, herbs and flowers.

19. Raintree Nursery

Check out Raintree Nursery where they offer a wide variety of potted fruit trees, ornamentals, berries and other cool things for your backyard garden.

20. Sow True Seed

Sow True Seed company offers a beautiful free catalog to shop their 500 varieties of vegetable, herb and flower seeds. They also offer garlic seed in the fall.

21. Wayside Gardens

Check out Wayside Gardens for all of your planting needs. You can request a free catalog when there as well as sign up for their e-newsletter. When you sign up, you will also receive money saving coupons good on your first order.

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