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Why to Use Citric Acid in DIY Beauty Products

Have you wondered why citric acid is included in many DIY beauty recipes? Learn the benefits of citric acid in homemade beauty products, some of its uses and where to buy it. 

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If you have looked up homemade recipes for bath bombs or bath soaks lately, you may have seen that quite a few of them call for citric acid.

Many people are nervous about this ingredient since it has the word “acid” in it, but the truth is citric acid is safe and in many of the products we use every day.

Easy to find and inexpensive to buy (I usually buy citric acid on Amazon), citric acid is perfect for adding to your own homemade health and beauty products. Why? Let us tell you.

Reasons citric acid is great for homemade beauty products!

1. It promotes skin cell turnover.

Citric acid can help slough away dead skin cells, revealing the fresh skin cells that are beneath. This can help your skin look younger, fresher and more vibrant. When added to face scrubs and body washes, it can help skin look fresher.

2. Soothe acne prone skin.

If you get break outs, citric acid has been shown to help. It helps reveal new skin and remove old skin, which can help with oil and debris issues that can later result in acne flare ups.

3. It can help even out skin tone.

An uneven skin tone can be an issue for many people, but citric acid can help even out the playing field. Oftentimes, uneven skin is the result of dead skin cells, which citric acid can slough away. When fresh and healthy skin is revealed, the outcome is clearer, more even skin.

4. It can unclog pores.

This is another reason citric acid is great for homemade beauty products. It can help unclog pores, which can result in clearer skin and help reduce the chances of an acne flare up. If clogged pores, blackheads and blemishes are an issue, citric acid can help.

5. It can offer similar results to a skin peel.

If you are afraid of a skin peel, but want younger looking skin, citric acid is used in most skin peel formulas. For younger looking skin, clearer skin and vibrant skin without the risks of a skin peel, adding some citric acid to your homemade beauty products can make all the difference.

Consider these uses for citric acid when crafting your own health and beauty products and see if it isn’t an ingredient worth adding! As you can see, the results can be quite beneficial.

Tips for Using Citric Acid.

You always want to test products that contain citric acid on a small patch of skin before applying liberally. Some people do have uncomfortable reactions to citric acid, so it is important to know your own sensitivities before trying any of these uses.

Be sure when you are creating any homemade bath and beauty product recipes, you follow all directions accordingly. Only use recipes from trusted sources that have been tested.

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