Advertising Inquiries

by Chrystal Johnson

Happy Mothering has successfully worked with brands since 2009 to get their products in front of their target market – families with an interest in natural living. Due to an overwhelming response for our services, we no longer offer complimentary reviews or giveaways.

We do offer sponsored posts and featured product posts as well as giveaways (including group giveaways with 20+ blogs). We are also open to ongoing relationships and brand ambassadorships. In fact, we love building relationships. The more we can share you with our readers, the more long lasting the impression!

Rates vary depending upon the nature of the campaign, and typically begin at $750. Please contact me with your needs, and we can discuss the applicable rate.

While we are open to learning about your products to see if they'd be a fit for our readers, Chrystal is specifically interested in featuring products and brands in these categories:

  • Travel opportunities
  • GMO, gluten, dairy, egg and soy free organic foods
  • Kitchen gadgets and tools for a real foods kitchen
  • Crafting and DIY supplies
  • Eco-friendly clothes and shoes for children, women and men
  • Natural remedies
  • Organizing solutions
  • Educational toys and games
  • Family preparedness solutions
  • Solar energy solutions
  • Sustainability and gardening products
  • Hiking, camping, snowboarding and other outdoors gear
  • Organic personal care products
  • Reusable products
  • Electronics (while we love natural living, we also adore our gadgets)

Even if your product does not fit into a category on this list, we may be able to work with you.

Please note: we no do not offer complimentary product reviews. Please contact us for more information on our sponsored post options and media kit.

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