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DIY Candy Cane Striped Sequin Christmas Ornament

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This fun Candy Cane Striped Sequin Ornament looks simple yet elegant hanging from the Christmas tree.

Red and white Sequin striped Christmas ornament hanging on the Christmas tree

I’m really happy with how this DIY Sequin Christmas Ornament turned out. It sparkles in the light and looks really pretty hanging on the tree!

While it takes an adult’s patience to make this ornament, it would be the perfect Christmas craft for older kids you want to keep busy (and trust with sequin pins).

It took me about two hours to make my Sequin Christmas Ornament because I used tiny sequins. I will probably get some larger sequins before I let my daughters make one. I’m not sure they have my patience.

While I chose to make a candy-cane striped pattern, you can use any color sequins you want. And you can choose ribbon to match.

I recommend choosing the denser foam balls rather than the airier ones. They hold the sequin pins in place better over time.

You can also buy a sequin ornament on Amazon if you don’t have time to make your own.

Close up of candy cane striped round ball Christmas ornament on the tree

How to Make a Candy Cane Striped Sequin Christmas Ornament

Learn how to make a fun red and white candy cane striped sequin Christmas ornament for your family's tree.
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Prep Time: 0 minutes
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Makes: 1 Christmas Ornament



  • Start by taking one sequin and pinning it to the foam ball with a sequin pin. I put my sequins upside down because they gripped better onto the looser-type foam balls. If you have firmer ones, you can also try sequins face up for a different look.
    One white sequin pinned to a foam ball
  • Next, start pinning sequins in a circle around the original pinned sequin. Make another circle of sequins around the first. Repeat.
    Sequins pinned to a foam ball ornament
  • Continue pinning sequins around the foam ball.
    red and white sequins pinned to a white foam ball
  • Once you only have a small space left at the top of the sequin ornament, use cement to secure the ribbon and a sequin to the top of the ball so you can hang it on the tree.
    Cement to glue last sequin and ribbon to sequin ornament
  • Add any additional sequins needed to fill the space at the top of the ball.
    Finished sequin ornament in a hand
  • Once the cement is dry, hang your homemade sequin ornament on your family’s Christmas tree.
    Red and white striped Sequin Christmas ornament

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