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DIY Prism Christmas Candle Holder

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Are you looking for an easy DIY Christmas Votive Holder craft? This homemade Prism Christmas Candle Holder looks expensive, but it’s very affordable and fun to make!

Homemade Christmas votive holder on a red tablecloth

This time of year, I love having pretty votive holders around the house. I love crafting new ones each year. This year, I made a simple DIY Prism Christmas Candle Holder.

While this DIY Christmas Votive Holder has a very beautiful, high end look, it’s actually extremely affordable to make yourself! They would look great around your house this Christmas season and could even be used as part of a centerpiece arrangement.

This is a simple Christmas craft and makes a great gift idea too! Who wouldn’t love to receive one of these DIY Prism Christmas Candle Holders as a gift? You can also choose different colors to customize this craft for any holiday or season.

Close up of homemade Christmas Votive Holder lit up on a red background

DIY Prism Christmas Candle Holder

This homemade Christmas Votive Holder craft looks expensive, but it's very affordable to make!
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Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Makes: 1 Candle Holder



  • Start by emptying your glass beads onto a flat surface and separating the colors so you can create a pattern.
    Glass beads and square glass vase on white background
  • Using the hot glue gun, glue a row of glass beads to the top, all the way around. They stick in an unbelievably short time, so take your time because if you make a mistake, they are nearly impossible to remove). Placing them in rows will ensure that you have enough room since the stones may not be all the exact same size.
    Red, green and clear glass beads glued into a row around the top of a clear square glass vase
  • Continue adding rows, working from the top down, until you have reached the bottom.
    Hot gluing a second row of glass beads under the first row on the vase
  • Take a look to be sure no glue strings are hanging around, and remove any if necessary.
    Five rows of red, clear and green glass beads glued onto a clear square glass vase
  • Add a votive or tea light candle and you’re done! Enjoy your beautiful DIY Christmas Votive Holder.
    Cute red, white and green glass votive holder next to Christmas lights and decorations on a table

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