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How to Make a Baby Fox Wood Slice Christmas Ornament

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I love wood slices crafted into woodland animals. Learn how to make your own DIY Painted Baby Fox Christmas Tree Ornament in this easy tutorial! 

Fox Wood Slice ornament hanging on the Christmas tree

Aren’t foxes just the cutest little animals? While I would not want one raiding the chicken coop, I do think they’re quite adorable to look at from afar.

I’ve seen so many cute woodland animals made from wood slices this year that I decided to try my hand at making some of my own. I thought these wood slices would look super adorable crafted into a baby fox face.

So I gathered up my crafting supplies and set to work. What resulted is this adorable Sly Fox Wood Slice Christmas Ornament. Doesn’t it look adorable hanging on the Christmas tree?

Learn how to make your own Baby Fox Wood Slice Christmas Ornament and and gift one to a friend this Christmas! Then be sure to check out our DIY Bear Wood Slice Christmas Ornament tutorial!

Close up of Fox Christmas Ornament made from a wood slice hanging on the tree

DIY Sly Fox Wood Slice Ornament Tutorial

Learn how to make a cute fox to add to your woodland animals Christmas ornament collection.
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Prep Time: 0 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes


  • Paint the wood slice white. You’ll probably need to use 1-2 coats to get it coated evenly. Allow the wood slice to dry completely before proceeding.
    paint wood slices white
  • Cut a circle from the orange felt that is the same size as the wood slice.
    Paint the wood slices white
  • Next, cut out a small circle out of each side of those orange felt circles to form the fox’s face fur.
    Cut the fox's face fur from orange felt
  • Glue the orange felt pieces onto the wood slice.
    Glue the orange felt on
  • Next, you need to cut a small circle from the black felt and glue on top of the orange felt for the fox’s nose.
    Glue black felt noses on
  • Use a black paint marker to draw eyes onto your sly fox.
    Eyes drawn on fox wood slice ornament with paint marker
  • Next, cut small triangles from orange felt and smaller triangles from pink felt. Glue the two pieces together to form the ears. Cut the bottom of each ear into a rounded shape, then glue the ears on top of the fox’s head.
    Ears made out of orange and pink felt for fox wood slice Christmas ornament.
  • Glue twine onto the back of the wood slice so you can hang your Sly Fox Wood Slice Ornament on a Christmas tree.
    Ears glued on the fox wood slice ornament
  • Hang your fox wood slice ornament from your tree or gift one to a loved one!
    DIY fox wood slice woodland Christmas ornament hanging on the tree

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