Green Kid Crafts Earth-Friendly Creativity Kit Review

I was always crafty as a kid, so it should come as no surprise that my girls also love crafts. Finding crafts that are also eco-friendly can sometimes be a challenge.

Fortunately, Green Kid Crafts has introduced a service where you can receive a box each month that includes at least 3 different project to inspire your little one’s imagination.

We had the opportunity to review the Dinosaur themed box. Ever since they first saw Dinosaur Train, the girls were interested in dinosaurs, so they were really excited about this one.

The project box included 3 crafts.

1. Fossil Dinosaur.

This was the first craft Zoë chose to do. You could either make a fossil or a sculpture (or both), but she wanted to do the fossil project. She liked spreading the clay out onto the paper and making a pattern out of the noodles and sticks.

Instead of making a dinosaur, though, she decided to make a house. I like that the project gave some creative freedom like that.

2. Dinosaur Tail.

Next, we took out the Dinosaur Tail project. I had to do help with the part that required scissors to cut out patterns, but after that she did the rest on her own.

She was quite proud of the dinosaur tail she made. Her and Kaylee have been having fun playing with it.

3. Prehistoric Puzzle Pet.

The next morning, we did the final project, which involved stamping a wooden dinosaur puzzle with recycled corks and an ink pad.

They had fun at first, but did start to lose interest in the project after about 5 minutes as the ink wasn’t super fluid and they didn’t have enough patience to see it all the way through. I think it would be more fun for a little older kid.

Overall, we really liked the Green Kid Crafts discovery box – and I think the girls would enjoy getting a box each month. If you’re looking to add more eco-conscious crafts to your kids’ lives, check out Green Kids Crafts. The subscription is only $19.50 per month with free shipping.

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