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How to Make Your Christmas Tree Last Longer

Want to keep your live Christmas tree looking fresh all through the holiday season? Check out our tips for how to make your Christmas tree last longer.

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There’s nothing worse than having a live Christmas tree that’s less than fresh on Christmas Day! No one wants to have Christmas around a tree that’s on its last legs, or to deal with all the dropped needles that come with that, but without the proper precautions such a situation can easily occur.

Christmas trees that are overly dry can be a huge fire risk. It’s very important that you take steps to ensure your Christmas tree doesn’t become the tinder that could burn down your house.

To help you keep your live Christmas tree looking great all through the holiday season, are our tips to help you make sure your Christmas tree stays fresh until Christmas day.

Tips to Make Your Christmas Tree Last Longer

1. Make It Home Safe.

While it seems like a fun idea, it’s actually not the best idea to strap your newly purchased Christmas tree to the top of your car and drive it home.

Instead, wrap the tree in a tarp or some other sort of protective covering first. This way it’s buffered from the air on the drive home so it won’t dry out from the wind.

2. Cut the Tree Base.

Unless your tree is one you just cut at a farm, it’s quite likely that it was cut weeks ago. To allow your tree to soak up water once you get it in its stand, you’ll want to re-cut the tree’s base again. About 1/4 inch is sufficient, though more wouldn’t hurt.

And you don’t need to do any special type of cut to make your Christmas tree last longer. A normal straight across cut through the stump will work just fine.

3. Placement is Key.

The best place to put your Christmas tree is not by a vent or right in front of a window that gets a lot of sun. If you want to make your Christmas tree last longer, you’ll want to keep it away from sources of hot air, cold air and direct sunlight.

You also won’t want to put your Christmas tree next to a fireplace, both because of the heat source and because of the fire safety risk!

3. Water Appropriately.

After re-cutting your tree, you’ll want to give it water frequently over the next 24 hours. Fresh trees are usually thirsty. So once it’s in its stand and appropriately placed, fill the stand with water.

Once the tree has soaked up all the water it can on that first day, be sure to check it twice a day moving forward. You don’t want the tree to dry out as that will lead to it dying faster, which can lead to dropped needles, and increase your tree’s fire risk!

Normal water is just fine. You don’t need to put any special additives in your Christmas tree’s water. While some sources will suggest adding commercial tree food, sugar or even aspirin to your tree’s water, studies haven’t proven that these things actually do anything.

And if you have pets or small children who may find a way to drink from the tree’s base, these additives could actually wind up being dangerous!

If you have trouble remembering you can get a device like the Evergreen Elf to help you remember when the water gets low. There are even automatic waterers for Christmas trees too!

4. Fight Dryness.

Once your tree is in place, your work isn’t over yet! To make your Christmas tree last longer you’ll have to ensure its environment doesn’t dry out too much.

As the air in your home may naturally dry out during the cold, dry winter, adding a humidifier to the tree’s room can be a big help.

You also may want to invest in LED Christmas tree lights, if you don’t already have them. Unlike traditional tree lights, LED Christmas lights don’t get as hot, which helps keep the tree from drying out.

If you use these tips and tricks, your Christmas tree will be just as full and beautiful on Christmas Day as it was when you got it!

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