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How to Repel Beetles from Your Garden

Beetles can decimate a garden in record time. You don’t want your hard work wasted! Now that spring is here, we’re showing you how to repel beetles using 6 common plants. 

Beetles can decimate a garden in record time. You don't want your hard work wasted! Now that spring is here, we're showing you how to repel beetles using 6 common plants. 
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Beetles have no problem devouring everything in their sight. If they make their way into your garden, they can eat your foliage in no time, leaving nothing but the stem.

You work hard to keep your garden beautiful, so taking steps to prevent a beetle invasion is important. If you are concerned about beetles turning your garden into a buffet, here are 6 plants effective at repelling them.

Forget the chemicals, these plants can help repel beetles naturally. Ready to learn more? Check out how to repel beetles with these 6 common plants.

1. Cabbage.

If you love growing garden greens, add some cabbage into the mix. Not only will it come in handy at dinnertime, but beetles can’t stand it. They won’t bother your cabbage plants and will instead head to another yard.

If planting cabbage seeds isn’t your thing, you can try planting lettuce instead. It seems to have the same effect on beetles that cabbage does.

2. Geraniums.

Geraniums can actually kill beetles if they consume them. Adult beetles will know to leave geraniums alone, but the babies may not.

If you want to add color to your garden while protecting at the same time, plant geraniums around the border of the garden plot. It will add color and purpose.

You can also try adding geraniums to your flower pots, planters, herb gardens and other planting areas to keep adult beetles (the most destructive) away.

3. Burning Bush.

Does your landscaping need a little pick me up? For landscaping, a burning bush is an excellent choice.

It will add color and fullness to your yard, and beetles won’t pay it any mind. You can rest assured that your burning bush will be able to grow and mature without the need to be sprayed with chemicals.

4. Parsley.

Let’s chat about herbs that repel beetles. Parsley is a fantastic herb to grow. You can use it in all sorts of dishes, marinades and seasoning mixes, PLUS beetles can’t stand it.

Plant parsley seeds in your garden so you can keep beetles from nibbling. Come dinner time, you will be glad you grew some, and at the same time the beetles will hate it and go somewhere else.

5. Dogwood.

If you want a beetle-safe flowering tree, dogwood is perfect. It will add color and beauty to your yard without attracting beetles in the process.

Beetles are turned off by dogwood, perhaps it is the scent of the blossoms, so they will go elsewhere. You can buy a baby dogwood tree or plant one from dogwood seeds.

6. Magnolia.

For another beautiful flowering option, magnolia is a great choice. Like dogwood, the blooms aren’t attractive to beetles (although people love them!) so they won’t bother them.

Planting some magnolia trees or shrubs in your landscaping can help not only beautify your yard but keep beetles at bay.

Don’t resort to chemicals to rid your garden of beetles. Instead, take a more earth friendly approach and give these 6 plants that can repel beetles a try. You will find they can add beauty to your yard while repelling beetles at the same time.

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