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How to Make Melted Candy Christmas Ornaments

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Do you love the look of stained glass ornaments hanging on the tree? Learn how to make DIY Melted Candy Christmas Ornaments in this easy tutorial. 

Two homemade melted candy Christmas ornaments hanging on an artificial Christmas tree

Unique, handmade Christmas ornaments are truly a special thing. Whether you receive one as a gift, or make it yourself, homemade ornaments are a symbol of the memories we create each year during the holidays.

Each year, I like to make a few new ornaments for our tree. I had seen some ideas for making items out of melted peppermints, so we decided to try doing the same thing with homemade Christmas ornaments.

We used a variety of different hard candies – peppermints, butterscotch and assorted translucent colors. My favorite melted candy Christmas ornaments are the ones made with the translucent colored hard candies. When you hang these ornaments on the tree right by a light, they almost light up like stained glass!

We made these DIY Christmas ornaments with melted candy for our tree when the girls were younger. The candy does get quite hot in the oven, so be aware of that if you have young children. Don’t leave them unsupervised with this Christmas craft.

Wreath and bell shaped melted candy Christmas ornaments on an artificial tree

DIY Melted Candy Christmas Tree Ornaments Tutorial

Learn how to make cute Christmas tree ornaments from melted hard candies.
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Active Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes



  • Preheat your oven to 325 F. Line the cookie sheet with parchment paper. Spray your cookie cutters with oil, then lay them out on the pan. It's best to choose shapes that are on the simpler side. More complex shapes are more likely to break. Arrange your candy in the cookie cutters. I recommend doing only one type of candy per pan. The different types of candy we used melted at different rates.
    Hard candies arranged in metal cookie cutters on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet
  • Place the pan in the oven for 3 minutes, then check every minute until the candies are melted together. You'll want to remove the pan as soon as all of the candies have melted together for the best looking ornaments. If you leave the candy in the oven for too long, the candy will bubble and the colors in the peppermint will run. After removing the pan from the oven, allow the candies to cool just slightly then use an oiled toothpick to create a hole at the top for the ribbon. Make sure it's big enough to thread a ribbon through.
    Melted candy Christmas ornament on a cutting board with red tinsel ribbon
  • Once the ornaments are totally cool, thread a ribbon through each ornament, then add to your Christmas tree.
    Close up of melted candy Christmas ornament shaped like a wreath

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