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How to Incorporate Music & Art into Your Homeschool Curriculum

This post was sponsored by the Invisalign® brand and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

We homeschool Zoë and Kaylee. It didn’t start out that way, but we quickly realized that the public-school system wasn’t going to be a good fit for our daughters. They both got bored quickly and were disappointed with how little music and art they got to explore in school.

Zoë started homeschooling halfway through second grade and Kaylee started homeschooling in first grade. We were a bit nervous about our ability to deliver the best education for our daughters when we first started out. By the end of the first semester, we knew it was the right choice for us.

It’s amazing how fast Zoë and Kaylee can complete their core subjects in the homeschool environment. It doesn’t take much more time than we spent in the car driving them back and forth to school every day. They’re both testing well above grade level, which gives us a lot of flexibility in their homeschool curriculum.

After they finish their core subject work, they get to focus on music, art and other interests. Zoë has really been blossoming in the last year with all of her passions!


Zoë has a huge interest in music. She loves playing the djembe (an African drum) or making beats on the drum kit. She’s also been learning to sing and play the guitar.

Lately, Zoë has really gotten into playing the ukulele. I hear her strumming it around the house all the time. She’s also taken to playing down by the lake at sunset. I love watching her blossom into a beautiful young lady.

Zoë playing ukulele at sunset by Big Bear Lake

For Zoë’s dental care, one reason we went with Invisalign® clear aligners over braces is because she can take them out when she practices singing. It gives her more flexibility to sing with her natural smile without any obstructions in her mouth.

Zoë holding the case for her Invisalign aligners in the bathroom

We really appreciate how convenient Invisalign treatment has been with our lifestyle. We’ve found there to be fewer appointments than with braces due to no last-minute appointments from broken wires and brackets, which also gives Zoë more time to focus on fun.

We’re in good company as well with 7+ million other people who’ve used Invisalign clear aligners to correct their simple to complex orthodontic cases. And the initial consultation was really cool!


Ever since Zoë was a little girl, she’s been passionate about art. She loves drawing and, as she puts it, “Creating abstract art that incorporates everyday things.”

Jewelry making is her latest passion. She has been making so much wire wrapped jewelry that we’ve talked about helping her start an online business.

Zoë showing off a wire wrapped crystal pendant she made

Different styles of painting, like pour art is another family favorite. Our walls are covered with it!

As you can see, homeschooling gives us a lot more flexibility in allowing our daughters to pursue their passions. It allows us to put music and art back into their curriculum, which makes us all so much happier. And choosing the most advanced clear aligner system available also gives us the peace of mind knowing that Zoë’s smile is in good hands.

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A collage of images of Zoë singing and holding a drawing she made