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How to Choose the Best Deodorant for Kids

Are your children ready to use deodorant? Learn the signs to look for and how to choose the best natural deodorant for kids. 

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As our daughters start to reach puberty, we’ve had to start considering things we weren’t quite ready for, like whether they’re ready to wear deodorant? They grow so quickly!

It was pretty easy to know when they were ready to start wearing deodorant. After we knew it was time, we had to figure out the best natural deodorant for kids.

Since I can’t wear baking soda deodorant, I was worried they’d have the same sensitivity. Fortunately, neither of them does and they’re able to wear ones that do contain baking soda.

If you’re unsure if your child is ready for deodorant, here are two questions to ask yourself.

1. Do They Smell?

This is probably the most common sense thing to ask yourself. Does your child have body odor?

If they do, they will probably be aware of it and so will the kids at school. It may be time to start shopping for a natural deodorant for kids.

2. Are They Going Through Puberty?

Some kids are just more stinky than others due to diet, health or other issues. However, most people start to develop body odor around the time of puberty.

If your child is going through puberty and is dealing with body odor, then it’s probably time to pick up a natural deodorant for kids. The appropriate time will be different for every kid.

No matter the reason, many kids are needing to use deodorant earlier these days.

How to Choose a Natural Deodorant for Kids.

If you’ve decided that your child does, in fact, need a natural deodorant for kids, then you’re probably looking for one you can trust.

We started with Tom’s of Maine Wicked Cool! Deodorant natural deodorant made just for boys and girls. It has a really nice kid-friendly scent that my daughters love.

Another deodorant our daughters like is Earth Mama Organics. I personally can’t wear this deodorant because it contains baking soda. If you’re not sensitive to baking soda deodorants, then this is another great choice that comes in a few scents (and unscented).

When your kid is ready for deodorant will vary. The best bet is to let them wear natural deodorant when they’re ready.

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