Natural Living Blog Carnival 2012 Archive

by Chrystal Johnson
Natural Living Blog Carnival 2012 Archive

Here is a list of the Natural Living Blog Carnival events from 2012.

December 2012: Natural Remedies

We are now in the middle of the sick season. Thankfully, there are plenty of natural ways to prevent and cure illnesses. What are some ways that you help your family stay healthy during the sick season? Perhaps you have some amazing natural remedies for when you do get sick that you could share? Whether it’s preventative methods or curable remedies, we want to know how you naturally survive the sick season.

November 2012: Healthy Holiday Meals

The holidays are just around the corner and with them some amazing meals! Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean we have to cave in to unhealthy foods however. What are some of your favorite healthy holiday meals? How about tips to keep your healthy eating habits during the holidays or perhaps some healthy substitutions that can easily be made in place of traditional ingredients or favorite snacks? We want to hear about your healthy holiday meals and tips!

October 2012: Ethical Shopping Choices

Shopping is something most of us do on a regular basis – groceries, clothes, gifts, household items and more. What factors go into your family’s buying decisions? Do you buy only USA made products? How do you feel about fair trade certified products? Or is your main concern price? October is Fair Trade Month, so we want to learn how the bloggers in our network make their purchasing choices.

September 2012: Kids in the Car

Let’s face it, as parents we spend a lot of time in the car. This month, share your stories and tips for traveling with kids in the car. Do you have tips for keeping kids happy in the car, ideas for road trips or stories about dealing with a carsick child? We want to hear them! September is Child Passenger Safety Month so car safety fits in this theme as well.

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