Best Compostable & Recyclable Coffee Pods (Keurig and Nespresso)

I love the convenience of single serve coffee brewers like Keurig and Nespresso machines. The environmental impacts of single-use plastics? Not so much.

Best Compostable Keurig Pods

Glory Brew Compostable Pods

I like Glory Brew from Gourmesso. Their pods are Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certified, which means it’s going to completely decompose when sent to an industrial compost facility.

Tayst Compostable Coffee Pods

Tayst also has great eco friendly coffee pods that are roasted fresh every month. They are completely plastic free and 100% compostable in industrial facilities.

Best Recyclable Keurig Coffee Pods

Recyclable coffee pods pretty much all use the same packaging technology – plastic coffee pods – so it’s more about the grounds inside.  I typically choose organic coffee that’s also Rainforest Alliance Certified

Here are a few of my favorites: - Purity Recyclable Coffee    Pods - Bulletproof Single Serve    Coffee Pods - Marley Coffee One Love - Newman’s Own Special    Blend

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