Bright Future Cash Holder Graduation Gift

Fun Way to Gift Cash to Any Graduate

Just sticking cash in a card is fine, but this DIY gift is an even better way to show your grad that you believe they have a bright future ahead of them!

You only need a few basic supplies and a few minutes of your time to put it together, too!

– Empty Crafting Lightbulb – Shredded Paper – Ribbon or String – Money – Printable Gift Tag (get it free by swiping up!)


How to Make This Bright Future Grad Gift


Add Paper to Lightbulb

Start by filling your craft lightbulb with the shredded paper. The stuff for Easter baskets works great!


Add the Cash to the Bulb

Add the money to the lightbulb, then close the light bulb back up so everything is inside of it.


Add the Bright Future Tag

Print and cut your gift tag. I already created one for you which you can print as a JPG or a PDF when you swipe up!

swipe up for the Free Printable and full directions