easy diy antihistamine balm

DIY Antihistamine Balm for Spring Allergies

This natural Antihistamine Balm uses the best essential oils for allergies to bring quick relief to occasional symptoms.

All you need are a handful of simple ingredients to make your own natural remedy for common spring allergy symptoms at home.

– Coconut oil – Sweet almond oil – Beeswax pastilles – Lemon essential oil – Lavender essential oil – Peppermint essential oil – Frankincense essential oil


How to Make DIY Allergy relief balm


Make Balm Base

Add coconut oil, sweet almond oil and beeswax to the top of your double boiler pan and heat until the ingredients are melted and clear.


Add the Essential Oils

Stir in Lemon, Lavender, Peppermint and Frankincense essential oils to the balm base.


Transfer to Containers

Remove the lids from your empty balm contains and pour the mixture into them, leaving a small space at the top.

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