DIY Hanging Bird Feeders

Make Your Own Bird Feeders!

Do you love watching pretty birds enjoy your yard? You’ll love this easy bird feeder DIY for kids. It’s mess free and easy to hang from a tree so your feathered friends can enjoy their bird seed.

All you need are a handful of basic supplies to get started with making your own bird seed feeders.

– 1 ½ cups of birdseed – 5 teaspoons of gelatin – ½ cup of water – Twine – Measuring cups & spoons – Cookie cutters – Parchment paper – Plates – Small pan – Stick


How to make Hanging Bird Feeders without peanut butter


Dissolve Gelatin in Water

Mix gelatin with cold water and heat over medium in a small saucepan, stirring constantly, until gelatin is totally dissolved.


Mix Gelatin & Birdseed

After the gelatin is fully dissolved, turn the heat off. Mix in birdseed until well combined.


Press Into Shapes

Scoop the birdseed and gelatin mixture from the pan into cookie cutters. Use your fingertips to press it down and smooth it out.

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