how to make Boho Earrings with Tassels

Make Your Own Boho Jewelry!

Do you want to learn how to make your own handmade Hippie Bohemian style jewelry? This DIY Colorful Boho Earrings with copper wire and tassels is a fun and easy project to make.

All you need are a handful of basic supplies to get started with making your own boho earrings with tassels.

– Embroidery floss – Colorful wooden beads – 18 gauge copper craft wire – Cutting pliers, flat nose pliers and looping pliers – Jump rings – Earring hooks – Golden thread


How to make colorful boho earrings


Choose 2 Thread Colors

Choose 2 different colored embroidery floss and cut them into 12 inches. Hold both of the strands together.


Wrap Around Fingers

Wrap the strands around any 2 fingers or a 1.5 inch cardstock paper until the strands end.


Attach Jump Ring

Carefully take out the wrapped strands from fingers or cardstock paper and attach a jump ring on the center of the closed end loop.


Tie with Gold Thread

Take a 3-4 inch piece of golden thread and tightly wrap the golden thread right below the jump ring and tie 2 knots.


Trim the Tassel

Now that one side of the strands is secured trim the other end of the strands evenly. 1 tassel made; 2 more to go! Make 2 more tassels.


Loop the Wire

Take the craft wire and create a small loop at the end, without cutting the wire from the bundle. Circle the wire around the loop more than 3 times to create a twirl pattern.

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