DIY Charcoal Soap Face Wash Bars

DIY Charcoal Soap Face Wash Bars

This DIY Charcoal Soap Face Wash Bars recipe is an easy way to deep clean skin during your normal beauty routine.

Combined with a good quality moisturizing soap base and a few essential oils, this DIY Charcoal Soap Face Wash Bar will quickly become your favorite part of your morning routine.

- ½ cup goats milk melt and    pour soap base - 2 teaspoons activated    charcoal powder - 1 teaspoon jojoba oil - 2 teaspoons rose water - 2 teaspoons glycerin - 5 drops peppermint    essential oil

Supplies & Ingredients

How to Make Charcoal soap face wash bars


Coat the inside with non-stick cooking spray. Then cut your soap base into small pieces (1” or smaller) to help the soap melt more evenly and quickly.


Place the soap chunks into a double boiler and heat over medium heat until the soap is completely melted.


Remove the double boiler pan from the heat and stir in activated charcoal powder until completely mixed.

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