DIY Exfoliating Loofah Soap Bars

Loofah Soap Bars

Loofah Soaps (aka luffa soaps) are an easy way to cleanse and exfoliate ski and it’s incredibly fun and easy to make!

Take a few minutes to make your own soap bars and feel like you’re spending a day at the spa every time you bathe.

How to Make Loofah Soap


Cut your Loofah.

Place whole loofah on a cutting board. Cut strips that will fit into each cavity of your silicone mold. Place them in your silicone mold.


Melt the Soap.

The easiest way to melt your soap is to cut it into cubes – it’ll melt much faster and more evenly.


Color Your Soap.

Add several drops of soap colorant and stir to combine. Keep adding more colorant until the soap reaches the color you’re after.


Pour Soap into Molds.

Once you’re happy with the color and scent of the soap, quickly pour it into your prepared silicone mold (over the loofah slices) until they’re just covered with soap.

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