DIY Infused Lavender Calendula Skin Salve

Skin Salves are Easy to Make

When I decided to learn how to make skin salves, I was surprised by how easy it is. You can use dried flowers, essential oils or both depending on your preference.

I used dried calendula and lavender in this salve because they smell great together, and they both help to moisturize dry skin.

– Extra virgin olive oil – Coconut oil – Dried calendula – Dried lavender – Beeswax pastilles – Lavender essential oil


How to Make the most soothing skin salve


Put dried calendula and lavender in a mason jar, the cover the flowers with extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil.


Infuse Over Heat

Fill pan with water and place  jar into pan. Heat over low for 3-5 hours. It's done when the oil smells strongly of flowers and changes colors.


Strain the Infused Oil

Strain the oil from the flowers using cheesecloth into a clean mason jar. 

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