DIY Upholstery Cleaner

Simple DIY Upholstery Cleaner

Learn how to make your own upholstery cleaner to remove stains and help sterilize the area. This simple solution can replace most Cleaners.

This DIY cleaner will help you deal with stubborn stains on your upholstery without needing to turn to the toxic chemicals often found in commercial upholstery cleaners.

- Rubbing alcohol - White vinegar - Lavender essential oil - Rosemary essential oil - Funnel – Sponge/microfiber towel

Supplies & Tools

How to Make Upholstery Cleaner


Mix Alcohol and Vinegar.

Add ½ cup of rubbing alcohol and ½ cup of white vinegar to an 8-ounce spray bottle with a fine mist option.


Scent with Essential Oils.

If you’d like your cleaner to smell good, add 5 drops of lavender oil and 5 drops of rosemary oil to the bottle.


Put Lid on Spray Bottle.

Place the lid on your bottle of DIY Upholstery Cleaner, then you’re ready to use it.

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