Galaxy Christmas Ornament

Easy Melted crayon

Easy Melted Crayon Galaxy Christmas Ornament

Learn how to make the best DIY Galaxy Ornament with melted crayons, a clear globe ornament and a blow dryer in this easy tutorial.

You can really personalize this Christmas ornament by choosing your favorite colors, or colors that match the scheme of your family’s Christmas decorations.

Best of all, this easy Christmas craft is quick to make – and it makes a stunning handmade Christmas gift idea!

How To make Galaxy Christmas Ornaments


Pick Your Colors

Choose the colors of crayon that you'd like to use.Use your whittling tool to shave thin slices of crayon onto a piece of paper. Make a really good sized pile.



Once you have enough crayon shavings for your ornament, pour them into the glass ornament. You can use your hands or a small funnel – whatever works best for you.


Melt The Shavings

Get out your blow dryer and use it to melt the crayon shavings inside of the glass ornament. She used high heat and directed it right at the shavings.

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