Fusion Guard by MasterChef Cookware Review

Best Value in Non-Stick Ceramic Pans

It is so incredibly affordable that I honestly didn’t think I’d like it.

I’ll share some of the best features of MasterChef Fusion Guard cookware set.

Long-Lasting Durability

The pans themselves are made from solid-riveted cast stainless steel and reinforced titanium.

Works on All Cooking Surfaces

The base of the pans is nice and flat and they have even heat distribution on all cooking surfaces, including standard gas, electric and induction cooktops. 

Well Designed Handles

The stainless steel handles are covered in silicone ergonomic grips, which makes the pans easy to handle.

Silver Ion Technology

 This MasterChef cookware series’ unique silver ion Fusion Guard technology helps to provide antimicrobial effectiveness. 

Functional Lids

All of the lids in this innovative cookware set are made from glass. Each glass lid has steam vent to prevent too much pressure from building up inside of the pan.

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