Homemade Cleaner for Floors

Homemade Cleaner for Floors

Making a homemade cleaner for floors with all natural ingredients is quick and easy. It’s also more affordable than buying natural cleaning products.

All you need are a handful of common household items to make an amazing floor cleaner.

- 1 cup warm water - ½ cup white vinegar - ½ cup isopropyl alcohol - ⅛ teaspoon liquid dish soap - 30 drops essential oils - of  your choice


How to Make Homemade Floor Cleaner


Pour Ingredients Into Spray Bottle.

Add all ingredients except for water to your spray bottle. Shake gently to combine.


Top Off with Water.

Top off the bottle with plain water, place the lid on the spray bottle then shake again to combine.


Use Floor Cleaner.

Your homemade floor cleaner is now ready for use.

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