How to Make a Himalayan Salt Diffuser

How to make a Himalayan Salt Diffuser

Learn how to make an easy DIY Himalayan Salt Diffuser for essential oils in this easy home décor craft tutorial.

Put one of these cute little diffusers in every room. People love them and for good reason, so they make a perfect gift too.

- Small bowl - Coarse Himalayan sea salt - Your favorite essential oils - Small mixing bowl - Spoon - Whisk

Supplies and Tools

How to make Himalayan Salt Diffuser


Measure out how much salt you’ll need for your chosen bowl. Then add that salt to a small mixing bowl and several drops of essential oil. Stir to evenly coat the salt crystals.

Combine Salt with Essential Oils.


After you feel like you have a strong enough scent coming from your salt, transfer the mixture to your decorative bowl.

Add Scented Salt Crystals to Decorative Bowl.


Display your salt diffuser in the area of your choice and stir the salts daily to keep the scent fresh. Every few days, add a few more drops of your favorite essential oils.


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