Adorable Santa Cam Christmas Ornament

Make  a Santa Cam Ornament

Learn how to make a DIY Santa Cam Christmas ornament that’s easy for parents and fun for kids.

You hang this cute Christmas ornament on your tree and tell the kiddos that sends live video to Santa’s workshop so he can keep his naughty and nice list up to date all the time.

Best of all, with a Santa Camera ornament, you don’t have to find a new place to put it every day!

How to Make  Santa Cam Ornament


Paint The  Ornament

First, remove the hanger/cap portion of your – Clear flat ball ornament, set it aside and squeeze about 1 tablespoon of black paint inside the ornament.


Let It Dry

Shake vigorously and roll to coat the inside completely with paint. Add more paint if needed. Allow excess paint to drip out for several hours.


Finishing Up

Add a red “button” with a paint pen. Write “Santa’s Camera” . Allow it to dry completely. Replace your ornament cap and attach a ribbon, string or hook to hang on your tree.

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